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Dan Rosenfeld

Dan Rosenfeld

Managing Partner
Phone: (646) 930-2016
Email: drosenfeld@theparkwestgroup.com

Phone: (646) 930-2016   Email: Drosenfeld@theparkwestgroup.com

With over 30 years in consumer electronics, Dan Rosenfeld brings his expertise in hiring, sales training, operations, management and business ownership to recruiting. His diverse professional background and thorough understanding of CE industry trends enable him to provide his clients with the professionals they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Before opening the Park West Group, Dan served as owner/president of ADR Media Integrators, suppliers of custom designed commercial and home automation audio/video systems, where he was responsible for all team development and hiring, company finances and market growth. Previously, he managed the flagship store of Harvey Electronics, the Northeast's largest luxury audio/video specialty retailer. He interviewed, hired and trained managers and salespeople, developed companywide best practices and consistently exceeded sales projections.

As more people incorporate technology into all aspects of daily life, Dan observes that many global brands are making large investments in technology that increase their engagement with consumers--seen, for example, in the trending growth of wearable devices. This, in turn, is creating more competition for the elite candidates in the consumer electronics industry.